Football Academy

  • Football Academy in Falls Church VA, Football Academy in Northern Virginia, Football Academy in Fairfax County VA, Football Academy near Arlington VA, Football Academy near Alexandria VA, Football Academy near Burke VA, Football Academy near Springfield VA, Football Academy near East Falls Church VA, Football Academy near NOVA, Football Academy in Virginia

Capital City Sports Academy provides a football academy for middle school, high school and collegiate football players and offers position specific small group and personal training sessions focused on:

Running Backs
  • Ball Handling Fundamentals
  • Stance & Alignment
  • Footwork
  • Situational Ball Running Techniques
  • Route Running
  • Blocking & Blitz Pick-Up
  • Catching Technique
  • Improving Field Vision
Offensive Line
  • Stance & Start
  • Handwork (Run & Pass Game)
  • Footwork (Run & Pass Game)
  • Pass Protection Techniques
  • Run Blocking Techniques
  • Pull Releases
  • Stance
  • Footwork
  • Reads & Keys
  • Key Recognition
  • Pursuit Angles
  • Man Coverage Technique
  • Drop Coverage technique
  • Blitz & Pass Rush
  • Field Vision
Wide Receivers
  • Proper Catching Technique
  • Route Running Techniques
  • Development of Sound Footwork
  • Route Running Efficiency
  • Route Running
  • Zone & Man Releases
  • Improving Field Vision
  • Reading Defensive Coverages
Defensive Line
  • Stance & Start
  • Alignments
  • Footwork
  • Hand Mechanics
  • Run Game Techniques
  • Speed Rush Techniques
  • Shedding Blockers
Defensive Backs
  • Stance
  • Back Pedal
  • Transition
  • Breaking
  • Man, Zone & Press Coverage
  • Route Recognition
  • Ball Skills
  • Tackling

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